Dr. Patrick Kersey, Medical Director for USA Football, couldn't have been more impressed with the implementation process and overall results. "The implementation process was a total breeze," Kersey said. "Very quick and easy to understand and administer, and can be done in almost any environment - optimal for the sports world." "The actual science behind it and it being a potential valuable tool that fills a much needed void in the sideline management and evaluation of head injuries was my initial attraction," Kersey stated. "This test can provide some near immediate and important information to the medical provider, athlete, and coaches about head injuries and help answer the challenging question of 'does he/she have a concussion' and 'is it safe for them to return to play?'" Kersey also pointed out the King-Devick Test would complement some of the more popular concussion tools that many organizations are already using, such as ImPACT.

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